The StudioSP Team

January 29, 2021

Your Peace-of-Mind Prescription for Matched Mailings

One standard format for a matched mailing is a personalized letter or customized brochure mailed in a standard, closed-face envelope addressed to the recipient. Many marketers prefer putting an address on an envelope over the use of a window envelope for the following reasons:

·      The material inside does not have to be designed, so the address block shows through the window and meets all postal requirements

·      Envelopes addressed to recipients look more personal and less commercial – which can improve open and response rates

·      The two readily available colors for pre-converted window envelopes are white and kraft. If you don’t need a window, you have many more options for colors, interesting papers, and sizes

A personalized letter or brochure matched with an envelope is known as a two-way match. At Standard Press, our technology ensures the internal letter or personalized brochure matches up with the address on the envelope and our rigorous quality process guarantees you peace of mind.

When we receive your data, we clean it and assign a unique 2D barcode to each record. A 2D barcode covers a small area (approximately 3/16” x 3/16”) and can hold up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters. We can transmit information about names, addresses, dates, and more in one tiny data square.

In our mailing department, StandardPress has high speed inserting equipment,  equipped with a camera-matching system. These high-tech“eyes”  read the 2D barcodes while processing mail. Data feeds into our computer system, and instant record checking confirms that personalized materials exactly match the address.    

If there is a mismatch, the camera-matching technology sends an alert. Operations stop. We identify the problem, fix it, and resume operations, ensuring 100% of the mail is matched correctly.  

Need more information? Contact your Standard Press account executive. We can help you with matched mailings and more.