The StudioSP Team

March 10, 2020

Share Mail seems to be one of the Post Office's best-kept secrets.

Marketers who use Share Mail include a second piece of direct mail within their initial package. This “Share Mail” piece should include a special offer, a discount, or an invitation that your audience will want to share with others in their circle.

For recipients, sharing the offer is simple. The recipient decides who will get the Share Mail mailer. He or she addresses the mailer for the new recipient, then drops it in the mail.

Setting Up Share Mail

Standard Press will help you set up a Share Mail account with the post office. The Share Mail piece, included in your mailing package, can be either a postcard (4” x 6” maximum size) or a letter mailing (maximum weight of 1 oz. including the envelope).

All Share Mail pieces must include:

• An Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)

• The “FIM E” mark, identifying the piece as Share Mail

• An indicia with the account holder’s Share Mail postage account for payment purposes.

All Share Mail is processed as a First Class single piece mailing and charged at that rate. Share Mail only mails to US addresses, and there are no minimum volume requirements.

How Can Share Mail Be Used?

Here are some ideas for incorporating Share Mail into a campaign:

• Retail businesses can use Share Mail to send offers and discounts to their customers, and allow customers to extend the same offer to their circle of family
and friends

• Non-profits can expand their reach in the community by providing donors or members with a way to invite others to participate in giving or an event

• Event planners can use Share Mail to create word-of-mouth advertising for an event or open house

How To Get Started

Talk to your Standard Press Account Executive. We will help you navigate the postal process, fill out the paperwork, and ensure your Share Mail design meets all format criteria and your campaign is a success.

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