The StudioSP Team

July 1, 2021

Micro-Moments: They Matter!

IT SEEMS LIKE EONS HAVE PASSED since it was normal to check the Yellow Pages for a business phone number, travel with a paper map or stop at gas stations to ask for directions. The need for information, route guidance, referrals, etc. has not changed. However, the way that people search for information and how marketers respond to those needs, is vastly different than it once was.

Continuously more marketers are seeking ways to link their information to consumer micro-moments, a concept that was introduced by Google in 2015. These tiny time blocks are rich with intention and driven by specific needs. During micro-moments, preferences are shaped, and purchase decisions are made. Enterprises that understand consumer expectations at this level win click wars. Increasing clicks will lead to increased revenue.



They transpire when:

  • People want information to answer an immediate question
  • Potential buyers decide to do some quick research
  • Consumers want to do something, like choose a restaurant
  • A decision to purchase something occurs
  • People search for options to fulfill a task, such as finding a pharmacy near you


Google puts it this way: “Be there, be quick, be helpful.”

One way to approach this is by creating a “moments map” foreach product or service that you sell.

  • Think about various scenarios which lead consumers to seek online information
  • Use these scenarios to create a micro-moments map, reflecting the buyer’s journey with important contextual factors
  • Create useful content that can be found at points throughout the journey

Mobile searches for “best” rose 80% between July 2015 and July 2017



When buyers spend large sums or make complex purchases, education is part of the process. As buyers progress towards purchase, there are multiple micro-moments involved. The more a buyer interacts with you along the way, the more likely you are to be in the final consideration set and ultimately come out the victor.

For instance, homeowners who decide to install a new pool will not generally do all the research and the actual purchase in one sitting.The same is true for a marketer who is acquiring marketing automation technology.

In the case of the pool buyers, consider the steps involved as they collect information to shape the budget, determine the need for a construction permit, evaluate the benefits of chlorine versus saltwater pools, and seek out qualified contractors. If you are in the pool business, your goal is to be available, ready to share during those intent-rich moments found on the path to purchase.


Intent + Context + Immediacy = Micro-Moment

The Equation for Success

Consumers are desiring value-based exchanges. Your audience expects to engage with your brand in trade for useful ideas. To construct useful content, you must understand both the intent and the context of your audience’s micro-moments, and then provide that information before anyone else.Think of it as a simple equation, where a micro-moment offers marketers an opportunity to connect and provide value, culminating in a successful transaction.